O Opoku Ware School, often referred to as OWASS, is a senior high school for boys in the Ashanti region of Ghana. It was established in 1952, as one of the five Catholic schools in Ghana that year. The school was named after Asante King Opoku Ware I. The students are known collectively as Akatakyie, an Asante word meaning “conquering heroes”.

It is located in Fankyenebra, near Santasi, along the Kumasi-Obuasi road. The patron saint of the school is Saint Thomas Aquinas. The motto of the school is “Deus Lux Scientiae”, meaning “God is the Light of Knowledge”.

The school is governed by a board, who appoints a headmaster. It has 10 houses each headed by a housemaster selected from the more senior members of the teaching staff. Almost all the school’s pupils go on to universities, about two-thirds of them to the three premier universities in Ghana, being: University of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, and University of Cape Coast.

OWASS today is much larger than at its inception. In 1952, the school began with 60 boys. This number has significantly risen to over 1,800 boys.


Membership of the Association is open to all persons who have attended Opoku Ware School and also to all friends of Opoku Ware School, teaching and non-teaching staff. Membership is organized as follows:

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